Terms & Conditions

The Geelong College reserves the right to reject any seat naming request that contains inappropriate language.

The College also reserves the right to remove a seat plaque if the actions of the individual or family named on the plaque bring the College into public disrepute. The removal of a seat plaque would be subject to review and approval of The Geelong College Council and no refunds will be offered.

Any unnamed seats will remain available for recognition of future donors until all the seats are named.

Allocation of plaques to seats will be determined by the College, not at the choice of the donor. The named seat does not reserve the use of the seat for Sports & Wellbeing Centre events for the donor.

Seat plaques will remain in place for the life of the building and/or seats and in accordance with College policies.

In the event that a plaque succumbs to damage, the College will organise a replacement plaque, and the same terms and conditions will apply.